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Financial Planning

Jay Finley helps clients gain clarity around their goals and financial options.  He utilizes software to give clients an understanding of how goals involve choices and trade-offs.  Clients typically modify their financial plan periodically and want to understand how the modifications impact their financial future. 

Retirement Income Analysis & Decision Making

Most clients of the firm are primarily focused on retiring under their terms with peace of mind. 

Investment Management With a Focus on Beating Inflation 

The firm strives to build portfolios that provide a constantly rising retirement income stream during retirement that provide income clients cannot outlive. 

Tax Efficient Investing

The firm attempts to control investment cost.  Tax minimization is a constant focus in an effort to allow clients to keep the most of their growth possible. 

Ongoing Investment Management
& Communication

Finley Financial monitors portfolios over time and makes adjustments as needed.  Modifications are typically due to client goal adjustment or economic changes. 

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